Laws of the Universe: Law of Intention

Would you like to know the source of true happiness and fulfillment in your life? Would you be surprised if you found out: How your life plays out is a direct result of your actions, which means you are in control and no one else? I challenge you to consider this as I share with you what I have learned this week.I have been on a journey my entire life, although I was not fully aware of the impact of this journey until recently. I now realize I was naturally able to listen to the connection which all humans have to the Eternal Energy source we are part of and give life to, from a very early age. I also realize now that I am naturally able to listen to the Collective Consciousness and Higher Order Infinite Wisdom, because I would never accept that I was separated from it by someone or something else. While I did not understand what any of that really meant until now, I knew it instinctually and I experienced it naturally.Now I am beginning to understand that I am to be a teacher of the Laws of the Universe, and I am to share what I am learning with others. What you may find interesting is that my questions are about the Laws of the Universe from a perspective of how we as humans can find balance in our lives, and live a happy existence. My questions are not about relationships and finances. I am not nurturing a connection to Infinite Wisdom in hopes of becoming wealthy, and I am far from wealthy now.I come from a humble background, with working, blue collar parents who instilled a work ethic in me that I have always lived. I have debt like most people, and I work to make ends meet. I also have health challenges, as do members of my immediate family. My spouse knows of my teachings and my journey, and the one change we have experienced is profound happiness and inner peace. What I know for my career and my life is this: I will focus on my work as a teacher while learning the Laws of the Universe, and the manifestations will follow. This includes the places we need to go, the things we seek to acquire or own, and the people we need to meet.

Let me now share with you what I have learned this week. It has helped me understand why I am supposed to be a teacher of the Laws of the Universe. I have a much different understanding of the Law of Attraction as a result of my questions and time spent meditating, and I believe this will resonate with many other people as well.Law of Intention: When you can accept control of your life, when you can understand your connection to Endless Energy and Infinite Wisdom, you can live according to the Law of Intention. The Law of Intention states that your purpose is defined by what you intend to create in the now, with a powerful focus of mind and thought.The Law of Intention calls upon the Law of Attraction once a person’s focus is strong and they have charted a destiny, whether they affirmed the reason why they came forward as a physical manifestation, or they amended those plans, and then clarified with certainty what the new direction will be.The Law of Attraction is not a starting point for guiding a person’s life or making changes, it is a law used in conjunction with Law of Intention, once the intention has been made clear, and the person’s energy is aligned.Here are common scenarios and why humans are not aware of the Law of Intention:Scenario Number One: Belonging to a Religious ViewpointA person goes to church or subscribes to a religious belief that tells them they must follow specific rules and guidelines. Then if this person has met and qualified for special treatment, their prayers will be answered. Sometimes they must repent for their past and vow to never live like that again, determined never to anger the supreme being who controls all of mankind and the universe.This means the only control they have is over their ability to follow the right rules. The problem is that the rules can vary from one religious group or affiliation to another, and that is why there are wars in the name of a supreme being. It is not possible for everyone to agree upon who or what this supreme being may be and how much control it or he or she may have since it is a made-up representation of the actual truth; and both wars or fights are meant to prove the other group is wrong, as if one group has absolute proof.That is what happens at a group or religious level. What about at an individual level? A person tries to live according to the rules, believing they live according to what someone else intends. It is external based control, by someone or something else. When a person decides to reject the very idea of what religions taught, they may break all of the rules; both of religion and of society. Those who are in jail are often the ones who are shouting the loudest against a system of controls, especially by an imaginary supreme being, and they are unafraid of a made-up devil.People who reject the idea of having to live according to what someone else, or some other religious group, or some supreme being intends, may seek out alternative forms of what is called spirituality. This is how many have followed the rise of the teachings of the Law of Attraction.Scenario Number Two: Following Law of AttractionLaw of Attraction is the other scenario and why so many people are unaware of Law of Interaction, Law of Intention, and other Laws of the Universe. Law of Attraction seems magical, a quick way to draw masses to teachers, especially those who are deeply dissatisfied with and unable to connect with traditional religious teachings.

Law of Attraction also provides teachers with a secret, the ability to teach dependency on them as Law of Attraction only works in full for a small percentage of humans who rely upon it and it alone. Law of Attraction can be helpful, as a starting point in a person’s journey, as this author has discovered, but it also used by itself can still create a sense of someone or something else being in charge. For example, one teacher uses words that include Source Energy and The Vortex. Those words give the impression there is a team who can provide assistance if you are following the right state of mind and other conditions. But again, that is not the answer. Law of Attraction is called upon, not relied upon, as part of fulfilling a person’s life.Living Law of IntentionTo understand Law of Intention, you must be willing to accept you are the source of life, you are connected to Endless Energy, you are part of Collective Consciousness, and you have access to Infinite Wisdom. There is no luck, magic, or Supreme Being in charge. There is no team made up in energy who is waiting to do your bidding or create the life of your dreams. You are in charge.When you accept that, you can allow Law of Intention to work. Focus clearly on your life and what you want it to be. Establish clarity and be prepared to listen and look for insight from Infinite Wisdom. Your powerful intention creates Law of Attraction and draws to you those people, places, and things that will create and manifest what it is you want. You must be focused on the positive energy spectrum, with happiness and hope, to receive the strongest signals and vibrations, and develop the widest open possible connection to Infinite Wisdom.This is your life, you are the source of life.